Fuel and Supplies

Flex Fuels

Rod's Country Corner is proud to offer Flex Fuels as one of your fueling options. You will find on location that we have e-85, e-30, and e-15(Unleaded Plus) available. Flex Fuel is good for your engine, good for our environment, and good for your wallet.

What vehicles use Flex Fuels?

For e-85 and e-30 it's as easy as looking at your gas cap! If it's yellow then you're good, if not then you can check your owners manual.

As for e-15(Unleaded Plus) any vehicles made in 2001 or newer that uses Unleaded gas will be able to use it.

Other Fuels

We also provide "Off-Road" Diesel at the diesel pumps 7 and 8
And "Non-Oxy" on pumps 5 and 6.

Fuel Supplies


Spark Plugs

Air Fresheners

Windshield Washer Fluid